Advantage Healthcare

06 Nov 2020

A Total Body Wellness Approach 

By Monica Kreber

Photos by Aleece Sophia

At Advantage Healthcare (AHC), a success story is watching a patient walk out of the building feeling better than they did when they came in.

“When we see a new patient that comes into AHC in a lot of pain and with just a few treatments they are walking out of the office feeling better, this makes us all in the office so happy,” Dr. Gray said.

This is why he decided to become a doctor – “to help as many people as possible,” Dr. Gray said.

“We hurt when they hurt, and we laugh when they laugh,” he said. “It feels great when someone who can hardly walk is able to walk out on their own two feet with no pain. When they celebrate, we celebrate with them.”

The main goal of this physical medicine office in Goose Creek is to heal patients without the need for long-term prescription medications or surgery. The practice combines medical pain relief, physical rehabilitation and chiropractic care to medically restore the body.

Advantage Healthcare of Charleston Is the brainchild of Christopher J. Gray, DC, CCEP, and the clinic’s focus of the entire staff is to get people out of pain.

Dr. Gray is a native of Toronto, Ontario and moved to the United States with his family in 1991. He graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic with his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2001. He also attended Life University where he did extensive study on extremities, earning him his certification as a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.

He has lived in Charleston since 2005. Earlier in his career, Dr. Gray worked as a licensed personal trainer for many of the upstate Gold’s Gyms and the YMCAs. He has incorporated an interest of health and fitness into his practice at AHC, providing patients with wellness programs, manipulations with physical therapy and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Gray specializes in sports injury cases but also works with children, expectant mothers and senior patients.

Dr. Gray said AHC loves its patients as if they are family—in fact, his mother and father are patients.

“We treat our patients like we want to be treated when we go to the doctors,” he said. “Our patients are the reason we do this, so we try to put them first.”

Patients work with Dr. Gray for pain relief and to improve function. The office also has a nurse practitioner on staff, Kathleen Price, who utilizes treatments like joint injections, trigger point injections, other regenerative treatments, and physical rehabilitation to treat acute and/or chronic conditions.

Advantage Healthcare frequently sees patients with neck pain, upper and lower back pain, knee pain and/or shoulder pain, but they also assist in addressing other areas including hormone imbalance, obesity, fatigue and peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Gray is excited to open a new location in Summerville in November. The new office will be located off N. Main Street between Carnes Crossroads and Nexton.

Practice manager Holly Spake-Gray said AHC’s integrated approach allows a patient to receive many types of care without having to visit multiple providers at different locations. 

“The relationship between a patient and provider is so important,” she said. “If a patient cannot communicate with a provider and feel heard, then the level of care decreases dramatically.”

She said Advantage Healthcare’s approach allows providers to work closely together to ensure that a patient is receiving top notch care and that their health ailments do not go missed or untreated.  

“Through our total body wellness approach the team has seen many lives changed,” Holly said. “Whether a patient is coming for medical pain relief, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care, hormone replacement therapy or medical weight loss every aspect of their experience at Advantage Healthcare of Charleston is important.”

In addition to his own methods, Dr. Gray said he is a big believer that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Who likes going to an office that is so serious that you can't smile? I am a true believer that laughter heals all, and we definitely like to have fun with our patients,” he said.

Dr. Gray said his office’s overall goal is to help people get back to living their lives again—pain-free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete who has had sports injuries or someone who experiences stress or pain after a long day at work,” Dr. Gray said. “If you’re in pain, we want to help.”

The Goose Creek office is located at 122 S. Goose Creek Blvd., Suite B. and can be reached at 843-553-2211. The new Summerville office will be located at 2039 N. Main Street.

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