The Power of Cold

05 Jul 2020

Cryotherapy and Spa of Mt. Pleasant is the coolest new treatment in town

By Allison Bolt

When Charleston native Greg Schumpert, first heard of cryotherapy he was suffering from an injured disc in his back. At the time, he was living in Dallas, Texas where he owned a security company for 22 years and was involved in health and wellness. 

Schumpert booked his first cryotherapy appointment.

“When I came out of the first session, I could really tell a difference,” says Schumpert. The cryotherapy healed his back and throughout the sessions, his interest grew in the technology and process. 

Schumpert returned to his Lowcountry roots and opened up his own cryotherapy business in Mount Pleasant called Cryotherapy and Spa with a mission to introduce the Lowcountry to the healing powers of cold exposure treatments. 

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary technology that is perfect for almost everyone because of its healing properties.

Cryotherapy is the use of cold to reduce inflammation, heal injuries, reduce soreness, increase endorphins, firm skin, activate metabolism, improve sleep, naturally detox skin and more.

“A full body detox,” according to Schumpert. 

After a three-minute session, the brain releases enhanced levels of endorphins and norepinephrine. “This release leads to inflammation reducing vasoconstriction, and the subsequent circulation and delivery of oxygen rich, toxin flushed blood throughout the body,” says Schumpert. 

Cool Recovery 

Celebrities and athletes alike swear by Cryotherapy’s healing properties including Jennifer Aniston, Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig and others. Yet, the first recorded use of cold exposure treatment, or cryotherapy, was by ancient Egyptians who used ice and snow to treat pain, injuries and reduce inflammation as early as 2500 B.C. 

Cryotherapy and Spa has the only Cryopod machine in North America, a popular cryotherapy machine across Europe. Common cryotherapy machines operate through the use of nitrogen gas pumped into one chamber where the client stands. This means, clients must keep their head out of the chamber. However, Cryotherapy and Spa’s Cryopod machine only pumps pure cold air into the chamber allowing clients to experience the full body healing properties of cryotherapy. 

According to Schumpert, cryotherapy on your head and face can help with fine lines, wrinkles and even migraines. How cryotherapy heals migraines is a great example of how the machine works. The cold air in the chamber cools and numbs the nerves in the neck area. This can also have a positive effect with mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

“A lot of people come in with inflammation and pain in their body and doing cryotherapy, clients can already see a difference in how well their body feels after one session,” says Schumpert. 

Cool Hydrofacials 

Cryotherapy and Spa offers a full healing experience. Along with cryotherapy, they offer Cryotoning/fat reduction, Hydrafacial, Light Therapy, massage therapy, Normatec Leg Therapy as well as beauty treatments such as lash lifts, facial waxing and eyebrow tints.  

The Hydrafacial is a popular beauty and wellness treatment that is personally tailored to each client based on their skin concerns to improve the appearance of skin while also supplying hydration. This treatment is suited to nearly all ages, complexions and skin concerns. The process offers better skin after only 30 minutes and unlike most facials, Hydrafacial requires zero down time. 

“Hydrafacial hits the sweet spot,” says Schumpert. “It’s more than a basic facial but less than a laser treatment. Making it a rare unicorn among no-downtime offerings, its payoff is immediately apparent. It can quickly improve texture and tone, and even help conditions like acne without any residual irritation or peeling.” 

Along with the Hydrafacial, Cryotherapy and Spa offers a Light Therapy Treatment that uses non-thermal LED light energy to trigger the body’s natural cell processes and accelerate rejuvenation in order to repair the skin. The process uses varying colors of light custom-fit for each client’s skin concerns. 

Each color addresses a specific skin concern. For example, Red promotes anti-aging, collagen, tighter skin, increased elasticity, revitalized cells and improved blood circulation. The Light Therapy treatment is suited to all ages, complexions and skin concerns. 

State-Of-The-Art Cryopod

Cryotherapy and Spa is bringing the full body healing and wellness power of cold exposure treatment to the Lowcountry with North America’s first Cryopod.

“Whether you are young or old, looking to better yourself with health, wellness or beauty, cryotherapy is a proven technology that has been around for thousands of years in one form or another,” says Schumpert. “If medical treatments, or regularly taking medication is just not working, or is taking a toll on you, cryotherapy is a great alternative to reset, restore and recover your body inside and out.”

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