A Spring Statement

05 May 2022

Romantic & bold fashion for the season

Photography - Mira Adwell

Styling - Lisa Jean Walsh with Oui Style

Hair and Makeup - Julia Sorenson

Models - Quincie with Select Models Atlanta and Darius with Tout Models

Special Thanks: Brasserie La Banque, Taylor Eubanks with M. Dumas & Sons

Noel white tie one-shoulder top, $530; Noel Bone Cargo Pant, $648; thin hammered 14k gold cuff, $160; 14k gold Lorna cuff, $395; thin 14k gold Liv bangle bracelet, $320; Delerium oversized clip-on earrings, $360; gold and white “Love Life belt” $329; yellow beetle in glass case, $55, at Harper and Hartford Boutique, 44 Spring St., Charleston.

Cleobella Rylah mauve ankle dress in batik print, $268; Susan Shaw Jerusalem cross necklace, $144; gold freshwater pearls, $148; the Winding Road small straw crossbody bag (on ledge under window), $82; Marc Fisher wedges in nude suede, $160, at Rhodes Boutique, 92 Folly Rd Blvd, Charleston.

Magnolia Pearl cotton block print jacket, $400; square leg linen top pant, $85; white tapestry bag, $75; Stefan brass coin necklace, $244, at Wildflower & Whiskey, 914 Front St., Georgetown.

Anna Cate tan floral long dress, $258; Cream pouch handbag with gold chain, $98; Wyeth straw hat; Eleventh Hour sunglasses in Brown $85; Electric pics gold necklace, $88; stacked bracelets, $24-$34 at Maris DeHart, 32 Vendue Range Suite 100, Charleston.

Floral collar in sunset, $475; Trumpet earrings in banana yellow, $140, at Jahde Leather Atelier, 68 Queen St. Charleston. Lucy Paris white lace dress, $168, at Maris DeHart, 32 Vendue Range Suite 100, Charleston.

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