July-Aug 2013

Brookfield Residential

Erasing Summer Skin Mistakes

OK, perhaps you didn’t always re-apply sunscreen when you should have. Lucky for you, we have remedies.

Going Gluten Free

A decade ago, the majority of us had never even heard of “gluten”.  Today, the prevalence of gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity has dramatically increased.

The Professional

Rebekah Jacob's passion for fine art keeps her gallery at the top of Charleston's art scene

Assisted Living

Promoting the well-being of older citizens means getting prepared now

Burwell's Stone Fire Grill

Charleston's next generation steakhouse

A Living Canvas

Cool and soothing colors make for a warm and cozy home surrounded by meticulous landscaping and unobstructed views of the marsh scenery

Consider the Source

Chef Jon Cropf is all about serving fresh and sustainable seafood

Balance for Mind & Body

Find bliss with these local wellness centers

Playing at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge

Go ahead, plan a trip that works for the whole family, or as one lovely romantic getaway

Brookfield Residential