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07 May 2024

Blending diverse styles seamlessly with distinct Charlestonian aesthetics

By Liesel Schmidt

While becoming an interior designer may not have been Andrea Lavigne’s original focus when she started university, her path began to shift when she realized her passion for the industry

“I majored in business and hotel management from a university in Hungary, and one of the mandatory aspects of the curriculum was designing commercial and industrial kitchens for hotels and restaurants. By the time I finished university, my focus had totally shifted from business management to design. I stuck with it, and by 2002, I was living in Canada and had started my own interior design firm.”

Now a franchisee of Decorating Den Interiors’ nationwide network, Andrea Lavigne Design based in Charleston stands on the brand’s 50-year reputation for quality and excellence in the luxury space, bringing Andrea’s own expertise, white glove, personalized care and passion to bear with her clients.

“I approach each new client challenge with an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results,” she says. “I love seeing the joy and excitement on my clients’ faces and sharing their enthusiasm when they see their completed project for the first time. My number one priority is to make the entire design process enjoyable for my clients. They can sit back and relax and know that I will take care of everything, from the initial vision through planning, purchasing and procurement to completion with white glove delivery.”

She adds, “I consider every one of my projects as my baby. To create a masterpiece from the ground up that the homeowner is proud of is extremely satisfying. My approach stands out because of my dedication to creating ergonomically functional and aesthetically-pleasing spaces. I carefully balance practicality and design to ensure optimal use of space while still maintaining the desired look, feel and decor. One of my key differentiators is a strong understanding of my clients’ needs—for instance, the need to update from a standard Northern style to a lighter, more coastal look fitting to South Carolina. My expertise lies in my ability to blend diverse styles seamlessly with the distinct Charlestonian aesthetics by incorporating elements from clients' previous homes or favored design trends while ensuring cohesion with the local design style and traditions. This approach allows my clients to maintain a sense of familiarity while embracing the Charleston lifestyle. My brand stands out for its commitment to understanding individual needs, meticulous attention to detail and a seamless blend of form and function, ensuring each project is not just visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.”


Decorating Den Interiors

Andrea Lavigne, principal designer and owner



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