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03 Nov 2022

Eco-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper for the holidays 

By Alli Steinke 

The holiday season is quickly approaching—we know, it seems fast. But as we gear up for the busiest time of year, you might be thinking of all the wrapping paper you’re going to need to buy for gifts for your loved ones. 

Ditch the basic wrapping paper and check out some great alternatives that are eco-friendly, won’t break the bank and offer unique gift-wrapping that no one will ever forget—and even offers bonus gifts. 

  1. Baskets 

Who doesn’t love a good basket? Not only are they an eco-friendly option to presenting a gift, but they’re also functional, making them a gift themselves, along with whatever you put in it. There are so many choices of baskets, from something oversized and less structured to a firm, square shape. There truly is something for everyone. Baskets are great for kid’s gifts: just throw all their new toys in a cute basket and they’ll love digging through them on Christmas morning—this allows for easy clean up, too. 

  1. Fabric from Goodwill 

A great choice for unique gift wrapping is to scour the fabric section at a Goodwill. You’d be surprised at all the wonderful options. And how fun for your kids to untie? Fabric is such an individual wrapping because you can choose the patterns that match the gift receiver’s personality. 

  1. A reusable Charleston canvas bag

Supporting local business is so important, so one great gift to give, and wrap in, is a reusable canvas bag from a local store that says Charleston on it. Again, a gift within a gift is such a special sentiment, and something Charleston-related is a wonderful idea for your out-of-town loved ones. You can never have too many canvas bags. 

  1. Mason Jars

For quintessential Southern charm, consider using mason jars to hold your smaller gifts like jewelry, ornaments, gift cards, candy or even layered cookie ingredients. This could even be a great spot to hold your stocking stuffers this year, and you can find lace or burlap to wrap the jar. If you have a family member who loves sweet tea, you could throw some sweet tea-inspired treats in the mason jar for some extra charm. 

  1. Tins 

Do you have a ton of those leftover cookie tins from holidays past? Well, you guessed it, reuse them this year. Whether you’re baking up a batch of your special cookies or wrapping a scarf for your mom, this versatile option is full of holiday cheer and can be reused every year for that eco-friendly element. 

6. Newspaper

Newspaper is likely one of the easiest things to find laying around your house so you don’t have to stress about going out and buying any—put those old papers to good use! This wrapping is a great option for your loved ones who love reading or have careers in the journalism field; they’ll appreciate the creative idea.

  1. Fabric Gift Bags or Burlap

There are tons of options for eco-friendly fabric gifts bags you can buy to give your loved ones. These come in different sizes and patterns, so you can go all out and grab some holiday-themed ones or find something a bit more neutral so people can use them year-round. Burlap is also a rustic wrapping paper option that pops when paired with a colorful bow. Either way, both are great eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wrapping paper to try this holiday season.

Of course, these are just a few ideas for you this season. You can also look for random items around your house and then you don’t even have to worry about buying anything new. Happy wrapping and happy almost holidays!

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