March-Apr 2015

Brookfield Residential

Restoring Femininity

New minimally invasive procedures in cosmetic surgery and changing ideas about what makes skin beautiful with dermatology practices

To Wall or Not to Wall

I learned rather quickly that I would soon be building a fence at my family’s new home.

Summer Camp Guide

Ah, camp. What a wonderful way to meet new friends, learn (or perfect) a new skill such as kayaking, swimming, or horseback riding, and simply get away from it all.

The Gathering Place

A Southern Texas resort makes getting “lost” a revitalizing experience

Create an Inviting Outdoor Space

As the calendar pages flip to spring, Charleston area homeowners pull out their outdoor furniture and dust off their grills, ready to enjoy the sunshine and picturesque Lowcountry living.

Living the Dream

Max Crosby Construction builds a charming vintage style home with open, casual living spaces designed to take advantage of the panoramic views of the great outdoors

Crave Kitchen & Cocktails

When you've wrestled the bragging rights for “the most life-changing mac 'n' cheese in America” from some of the country's culinary big shots—at Crave Kitchen & Cocktails, the culinary crew has taken the landslide win in stride.

Celebrate Spring

Planning a family get-together as Winter melts into Spring? We put together some of our favorite Italian recipes and the results are sure to please your guests.

The Transformation

Matt Alexander of Palmetto Medical Initiative is transforming public health care in far away countries

Brookfield Residential

Reading For the Mind

As we move steadily into 2015, the majority of the average individual’s newly adopted resolutions have begun to wane and falter.

Brookfield Residential