Nautical fashion

24 May 2023

Late spring sea inspiration


Photographer: Aleece Sophia, @aleecesophia

Models: Celeste Green, Rett White and Charley Gail with DirectionsUSA

Fashion Director/Stylist: Michelle Gerardot, @vive_by_michelle

Hair and Makeup: Caylee Isern, IX Artistry @cayleeeisernhair

Production Assistant: Avery Hanson, @averyhansonart

Location: Charleston Sailing School and Yacht Charters, @charlestonsailingschool

Special Thanks: Safe Harbor @safeharborcharlestoncity


Powder x Beaumont zebra floral scarf, $40; Rocky Dress, $319;

Susan Shaw gold 36-inch pearl necklace, $220; coronation pearl necklace, $126;

Fleur De Lis Intaglio necklace, $100, at Rhodes Boutique, 92 Folly Rd Blvd, Charleston.


Kired Sasso jacket, $1,095; Fedeli supima light dusty sweater, $495;

PT Torino luxe stretch pant, $395; Fedeli jersey Giza organic white shirt, $245;

Rheos Lanier blue gunmetal sunglasses, $65; Andersons blue gray belt, $190,

at M. Dumas & Sons, 294 King St., Charleston.


Jessica Howard dress, $38; white & black sun hat with wide brim, $58;

rainbow jeweled ring, $28, at Reinvented Upscale Resale, 847 Savannah Hwy, Charleston.

On him: Fedeli white linen shirt, $295; Santorum blue solid suit, $2,695;

Canali pocket square, $75, at M. Dumas & Sons, 294 King St., Charleston.


From left: MAT Fashion caftan in black and white, $174; blue Biacinth earrings, $85;

MAT Fashion caftan in blue, $150; Lean Tikal earrings, $47, at Wildflower and Whiskey, 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd., Mt. Pleasant.


Left: Illa Illa Cameron French set, $69; Allure Genesis eyewear bold rectangle sunnies, $18 ;

Charleston Jute tote, $22; Cloisonne Ball bracelet, $26 at House of Sage.

On him: Eleventy blue bowling shirt, $425; Fedeli Positano Pink Swimwear, $265; Rheos Cora Rose sunglasses, $65 at M. Dumas & Sons, 294 King St, Charleston.

Right: MINKPINK Cintia one piece, $99 and MINKPINK Cintia Sarong, $69, at House of Sage, 51 B George Street, Charleston and186 Seven Farms Drive St E, Daniel Island.

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