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Going Gluten Free

A decade ago, the majority of us had never even heard of “gluten”.  Today, the prevalence of gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity has dramatically increased.

Assisted Living

Promoting the well-being of older citizens means getting prepared now

Balance for Mind & Body

Find bliss with these local wellness centers

Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies!

Quick and super healthy, if you watch out for hidden sugars and fats.

Chiropractic Medicine

We sit down with Dr. McPhail and learn that chiropractic care can help with more than just lower back pain.

Foods that Fight Dementia

You are what you eat, and that’s doubly true for keeping your mind sharp well into your 60s and beyond.

Demystify the Symptoms of Menopause

Expert advice and tips for a smooth transition and handling this bodily change.

School Lunch Makeovers

Start the kids off right this school year with these easy and healthy lunch ideas.

The Truth About Tanning

Healthy tan? There's no such thing. But, there's nothing like a day at the beach either.

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