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Improvements in Diagnosing Cancer

A plethora of new treatments, medicine and detection advancements are helping to slowly win the battle against this leading killer among men and women

Getting to Your Healthy Weight

The ins and outs of bariatric weight loss surgery

Water, H2O, Agua

Anyway you say it, water just might be the best kept health and fitness secret

Best Dentists 2015

 Here's our annual, handy resource to readers who apparently want to find a dentist they actually like.

Dental Phobias

How dentists are dealing with getting the phobics back into the chair

Restoring Femininity

New minimally invasive procedures in cosmetic surgery and changing ideas about what makes skin beautiful with dermatology practices

Treatment for Abnormal Heart Rhythms

Two heart doctors discuss the latest technology related to implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

A Focus on Patient Care

Trident Health continues to expand its presence in Charleston’s medical-rich environment under the leadership of Todd Gallati

Vets for Pets in Crisis

A multifaceted veterinary surgery center with rehabilitation facilities is the only one of its kind in Charleston

Brookfield Residential

Multivitamins – The Right Choice

The world of vitamins is complicated and almost endless. Take your time and do your homework.

The Breast Cancer Journey

The Breast Cancer Journey Support makes a huge difference when you’re in the fight of your life

Get to Know Your Doctor

With the help of local experts, we examine the patient-doctor relationship, and discover some signs of hope for healthcare patrons

Vacation Fitness Tips

You’ll want to keep these great ideas handy as you plan your summertime getaways this season

Nutrition and Diabetes

Diet is essential in the prevention, treatment and control of diabetes.

Pediatric Health

Helpful tips on staying up to date with your tots to teens

Southern Greens

Once considered “just” Southern Comfort Food, now we know the truth. They are so good for you.

How Healthy is Your Heart

For February’s annual Heart Awareness Month, we talked with four cardiologists associated with each of the four Charleston area hospitals

Stimulating Minds with Movement

Kinesthetic learning tables in lieu of traditional desks in the classroom help facilitate cognition and optimizes brain function

Strategic Snacking

Go ahead. Reach for that mid-afternoon snack. It’s a whole lot better for you than you think.

One-Stop Dentistry

New innovations allow patients to have a much more pleasant and relaxed dental experience

An Apple A Day

Heart-healthy, cancer-fighter, asthma deterrent and mouth cleanser.  Plus, they make you smarter!

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