Sept-Oct 2015

Brookfield Residential

Italian Eateries

After undergoing a bit of a renaissance in the last few decades, Italian food has become one of the most popular types of cuisine in America. Because seriously, what’s not to like?

Men's Health

There’s so much men can do to improve their health. The good news is most of these recommendations are easy to swallow.

Improvements in Diagnosing Cancer

A plethora of new treatments, medicine and detection advancements are helping to slowly win the battle against this leading killer among men and women

Getaways for Fall Travel

While you’re still a bit relaxed from summer, but not yet completely stressed about the holidays, a fall vacation can be just what you need to gear up for cold weather ahead.

High-End Eclectic

The grand opening of Bella Décor brings to Charleston a unique home accessories store with fabulous items not found anywhere else

The Art of Listening

Taking their cues from a home in a Hollywood movie, Herlong & Associates' attentive team designs an oceanfront gem that captures the essence of Charleston


Tips and advice from our garden experts

The Barbadoes Room

In these tighter, leaner 21st century times, it's fun to err on the side of opulence now and then.

Awesome Autumn Cuisine

Scott Hall offers a sophisticated take on the cuisine of the South, with an urban flair and emphasis on fresh and local.

Brookfield Residential

Seasons of Shawls

Wearing the art of Jonathan Green

Elevating Charleston's Cultural Life

The curtain rises on the new Gaillard Center, with its first official performance scheduled for mid-October with cellist Yo-Yo Ma

Brookfield Residential