Love Between the Covers

Whether it is a love of the arts or the love of family, these books seem to strike just the right note for this love obsessed time of year

Annie Leibovitz Exhibition

In this remarkable exhibition, icon Annie Leibovitz tells her stories of people by capturing the essence of their belongings

Beautiful Soul

Kimberly Krauk uses the healing power of the arts to help children overcome adversity

Fresh Takes on the Traditional Southern Novel

Book devotees don’t have to look far on any classical literature recommended reading list to find the likes of masterpiece

Charleston SC Events Sept-Oct 2013

Looking to fill your social calendar?  We've got the rundown on what to do this Fall season.

Scrumptious Summerville Kitchen Tour 2013

When a dedicated selection committee has been responsible for ten exceptional groups of distinctive homes—most of them wonderfully historic

Brushing Up on Art

Discover the artist in you with a fun night of guided instruction and a little wine on the side

The Power of Photography

The Gibbes Museum of Art looks to the past and future

Parenting Reads for Mom & Dad

Parenting isn’t easy. Children don’t come with instruction manuals and being an informed and responsible parent in our modern world is becoming more and more of a challenge


The Professional

Rebekah Jacob's passion for fine art keeps her gallery at the top of Charleston's art scene

Natural Beauty

Wells Gallery celebrates all things Southern with fine art

Light and Color

Two fine-artists bring a burst of energy to King Street.

Purple Velvet

A tale of two sofas is the source of color and design for this art gallery.

The Founding

A brief history on the beginnings of Charleston, 343 years ago.

Magic Reality

A passion for art and their love for each other helped to create one of the top art galleries in Charleston.

Social Creativity

A great atmosphere with wine and a paint brush creates the perfect mix for fun and art at Fear No Easel.

Visionary Art

It's a browsers paradise at Spencer Art Gallery, with an array of mediums to choose from and over 500 paintings from the works of 50 local artists.

Seeking the Light

Sandpiper Gallery migrates north on Sullivan's Island, and makes a smart move into a new and larger space in the thicket of the retail corridor.

The Scrumptious Summerville Kitchen Tour

Sampling delectable eats while perusing stately homes is a combination that has been met with great fan fare at this annual fundraiser.

Nature’s Calling

Island living and fishing is a key ingredient in Teri Whitner’s handcrafted pottery

A Legendary Love Affair

Our first settlers were destined for matrimony and helped lay the foundation for Charleston’s title as a top wedding destination