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What a Combination

Tips and advice from our garden experts

Enduring Beauty

A new home furnishings store opens with unique, high-quality pieces crafted by skilled artisans

A Yard with a View

A new trend to extend scenic views at your home or business is using stainless steel cable wire

Divide and Conquer

Tips and advice from our garden experts

European Philosophy

Kingswood Custom Homes builds a masterfully planned Kiawah Island home using time-honored English ideals

Outdoor Living

Three projects that will inspire you to get outside and enjoy the backyard again

Creating Kitchens and Baths That Work

If the kitchen and bathroom aren't right the whole house feels off.

Silver Lining

A remodel to the dining room, family room and kitchen give this home an update that enhances its use and makes it more livable 

An Accommodating Home

Sea Island Builders steps up to a challenging new build that needs to be ADA compliant as well as withstand renters

Best Of 2024 L
Brookfield Residential

California with a Lowcountry Twist

Architect Michael Spivey builds a dream home on Daniel Island

The Art of Listening

Taking their cues from a home in a Hollywood movie, Herlong & Associates' attentive team designs an oceanfront gem that captures the essence of Charleston


Tips and advice from our garden experts

Top 10 Small Landscape Projects for 2015

Tips and advice from our garden experts

A Collaborative Approach

Flatfish Island Designs offers remarkable home plans that can be customized to fit your needs

Timeless Sophistication

Samuel Furr Architects design an island home that blends architectural traditions and keeps the view on the natural surroundings

Cool Factor of Gardening

Tips and advice from our garden experts

Furniture With a Twist

Steven Shell Living offers unique furniture with appealing designs and an array of finishes and color options

To Wall or Not to Wall

I learned rather quickly that I would soon be building a fence at my family’s new home.

Create an Inviting Outdoor Space

As the calendar pages flip to spring, Charleston area homeowners pull out their outdoor furniture and dust off their grills, ready to enjoy the sunshine and picturesque Lowcountry living.

Living the Dream

Max Crosby Construction builds a charming vintage style home with open, casual living spaces designed to take advantage of the panoramic views of the great outdoors

Refresh Your Look

Building. Remodeling. Updating. All projects begin with a dream. Find your inspiration with these four amazing makeovers

Brookfield Residential
Best Of 2024 L