Wisdom in Whimsy

The fantastic art of Nathan Durfee

The Transformation

Matt Alexander of Palmetto Medical Initiative is transforming public health care in far away countries

Fierce Beauty

The vivid Caribbean-inspired art of Sarah Haynes

Treasure Box

Cherished little gift boxes made with ornate finials has grown from hobby to business for this Goat Island residence

The Art of Chocolate

The sweet story of Cacao’s Artisan Chocolate

Baptism by Fire

A simple desire to eat healthy births a national business

A Passion for Antiques

Terrace Oaks Antiques offers a treasure trove of old furniture, memorabilia and other nostalgic items

Light and Paper

Lisa Abernathy brings stories to life with delicate art

A Focus on Patient Care

Trident Health continues to expand its presence in Charleston’s medical-rich environment under the leadership of Todd Gallati


Growing the State’s Knowledge Economy

Bill Mahoney opened the floodgates on the potential for research and development leader SCRA

Wealth Management 2014

Portfolios for the most part have bounced back to their pre-2008 levels, but the beating most folks took will remain in our memories for a very long time

Vets for Pets in Crisis

A multifaceted veterinary surgery center with rehabilitation facilities is the only one of its kind in Charleston

Innocence Lost and Found

Charleston Animal Society and kind people breathe new life into pets’ troubled past

Metal Man

Sculptor Matt Wilson gives new life to found objects

Luscious Layers of Flavor

It sounds counterintuitive, but when cooking, the simpler something is to prepare, the more difficult it is to make it delicious

Opportunities Abound

Heading up a structural engineering firm, Richard Garcia welcomes the business challenges of keeping up with growth and civic involvement

Focus on Photography

As a career photographer, Mahmood Fazal takes the helm at Charleston Center for Photography

Winemaking Artistry

Local restaurant owner Justin Croxall steps into the winemaking business with his new venture Aurox Cellars

Finest of Charleston 2014

You might call them the class of 72: the winners of our first annual Finest of Charleston poll in (almost) six dozen categories.

Furry Family Members

At Tidewater Veterinary, you'll find caring practitioners that will love your pets and the owners too

Promoting the Country’s Best City

Linn Lesesne has long played a role in bringing visitors to Charleston