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Purple Velvet

A tale of two sofas is the source of color and design for this art gallery.

Team Spirit

Running one of the largest real estate firms in Charleston was a preordained journey for Michael Scarafile.

Homemade Delight

Keeping up the tradition of being covered in flour and making fresh biscuits from scratch is a passion for Carey Morey.

The Art of Restoring Antiques

A master craftsman when it comes to bringing 100 year-old furniture back to life, Gary Leon has worked on some of the rarest antique pieces, including those owned by top celebrities.

Shutter Bug

A lifetime behind the lens gives Eddie Toporek an edge when it comes to preserving memories with art.

People First

Member owned Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union rolls out two new branches, and continues to make a difference in the community with their outreach programs.

Casting Call

The joy of fly fishing is a deep rooted obsession for guide and store owner Scott Davis.

A Strong Economic Engine

Charleston's port serves as a springboard to the world, and Jim Newsome stands at the helm leading the way for viable expansion and growth efforts.

Giving Back

We sit down with Terry Hamlin to discuss his philanthropy projects, and discover that sometimes a tragedy can open doors to greatness.

Best Of 2024 L
Brookfield Residential

A Bright Future

Focusing on thebig picture is key for Monica Scott and the College of Charleston’s everexpanding campus

Women in Business 2012

Meet the female entrepreneurs who have proven they have the skills and business acumen necessary to achieve success in Charleston’s competitive market.

Women of Influence

Since the beginning of Charleston’s existence, women have played a vital role in shaping our city

Nature’s Calling

Island living and fishing is a key ingredient in Teri Whitner’s handcrafted pottery

A Charleston Icon

Charleston’s longest running mayor sits down for a one-on-one about his career, family, and future outlook for our holy city

10 Great Dates

You’ve planned a what?

A Family Affair

We all have our customary holiday gatherings, but some traditions are still best spent with the customer.

Light Interpretation

Sometimes you have to wade chest-deep in the river before you see the light.

Brookfield Residential
Best Of 2024 L